Acupuncture for Colds and Flu in Houston, Texas

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. Originating in China, acupuncture uses thin sterile needles that are slightly larger than a human hair and are inserted at various points throughout the body. The Chinese have identified over 600 acupuncture points and it is thought that the needles affect the flow of energy, stimulating the immune and nervous systems.

Most people relate acupuncture for pain relief. However, Chinese medicine is also very effective in treating most ailments Western medicine addresses. This is true especially for colds and flu.

Chinese herbal medicine has an extensive array of anti-viral herbs that can help prevent and treat colds and flu. If given ahead of the season for prevention or right at the onset, the degree and severity of the cold or flu can be greatly reduced. In addition, acupuncture treatment has been shown to have an effect on the prevention of colds and flu by building a person’s immune system. Some research studies have indicated that a rise in particular immune response chemicals in the blood stay elevated as much as 3 days after an acupuncture session, leaving the individual feeling healthier and less sluggish.

The majority of patients getting acupuncture treatment for colds and flu report that the procedure is pain free and relaxing. In order to prevent the flu or minimize the severity of the flu, a person should receive an acupuncture treatment before each season or as the seasons are changing.

Each treatment only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. After an examination, the acupuncturist may make suggestions as to how often a person should receive treatment. This will be based on the acupuncturists assessment of the relative strength of the defensive Chi (protective energy) and Lung Chi the patient is presenting with and/or whether the patient is currently experiencing cold or flu symptoms. For the greatest effect, it is essential that the person receive treatment in advance of experiencing symptoms of the flu. For those who are susceptible to seasonal colds or symptoms from weather changes, it is best to start getting treatment about a month before the start of cold/flu season.

Acupuncture to treat colds and flu can vary depending on the age of the individual. Children respond much faster to acupuncture treatments than do adults because of a more robust immune system. Once the signs of a cold or the flu begin to appear, it is important that acupuncture and/or herbal treatment begin as soon after the initial onset of symptoms. While acupuncture can have an effect on the length of time a person has symptoms, acupuncture as a preventive measure is thought to be a more effective therapy.

If you’d like more information on how Acupuncture can help Colds and Flu, or to set up an appointment please contact us below. We are here to help!

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