Acupuncture for Neuropathy in Houston, Texas

Neuropathy refers to the damage of one or more nerves of the peripheral nervous system, which is a part of the larger nervous system outside of the brain or spinal cord. These damaged nerves result in the loss of sensation and function, usually in the outer extremities such as the hands and feet. Patients with neuropathy often experience pain described as a tingling or burning sensation.

Neuropathy is linked to many chronic problems in addition to severe pain and weakness, such as the inability to perform everyday functions. Over-the-counter and prescription pain medications are available, though come with potential side effects and dependence.

Natural Neuropathy Management from the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic

Our team is made up of acupuncturists, nutritionists, registered and licensed dietitians and experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the incorporation of varied methods that allows us to truly help patients heal at a deeper level. While the focus at the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic is to manage the unpleasant symptoms of neuropathy, a part of that goal is understanding and addressing how neuropathy can affect every day activities.

Acupuncture for the Causes of Neuropathy

There are many conditions and diseases that can cause neuropathy. While a high percentage of cases have no known cause, other instances are easily linked to lifestyle factors. Below is a list of health challenges that can lead to neuropathy, but are potentially improved through the use of acupuncture:

  • – Diabetes
  • – Lyme Disease
  • – Alcoholism
  • – Lupus
  • – Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • – Kidney Disease
  • – Hypothyroidism
  • – Liver Disease
  • – HIV/AIDS

If you live with one of these diseases or conditions, and are experiencing neuropathy as a result, consider acupuncture as a way to combat both, and to free yourself from the risks and side effects of multiple medications.

Acupuncture to Treat Neuropathy

If underlying conditions are not being managed, or a treatment is not known, acupuncture can be a safe and effective way to treat the symptoms of neuropathy. Acupuncture treating peripheral neuropathy often uses points on the hands and feet as well as on the limbs to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation.

Say Goodbye to Neuropathy Discomfort Safely and Naturally

Pain may be your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it as a symptom. Talk to our team of acupuncture professionals about using this time-tested method for your neuropathy challenges. Without concerns about dependence and side effects from synthetic medications, you can focus on comfort and healing.

Going further, this kind of treatment supports your overall heath in addition to that of your nerves. When you decrease pain and discomfort, you make it easier to lower levels of stress and stress hormones.

To learn more about what the Acupuncture & Nutrition Clinic can do for you, give us a call or use the form provided below

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