Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is one of the most fragile joints in the body. Although this joint is extremely flexible, it is also vulnerable to a variety of injuries that result from physical trauma or overuse. These conditions, which include bursitis, tendinitis and rotator cuff damage, often cause joint inflammation that leads to severe pain. Acupuncture may prove to be more safe and effective than traditional treatments for those suffering from shoulder pain.

Causes and Treatments for Bursitis and Tendinitis

Contact Us Now About Acupuncture for Shoulder-PainPain on the front of the shoulder is called biceps tendinitis. Pain that occurs on the top, back or side of the shoulder is often called shoulder impingement syndrome. The pain for rotator cuff injuries often manifests at the lower aspect of the deltoid or on the lateral aspect of the shoulder blade. These conditions are generally caused by repetitive motion such as lifting, pushing or throwing. These can occur on the job or during recreational activities such as dancing or swimming. Additionally, aging can also increase the risk of joint inflammation due to muscle atrophy and poor blood circulation in the shoulder.

Traditional Western medical practice calls for rest, ice, and elevation and over-the-counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, for minor shoulder injuries. More severe cases may require complex interventions including corticosteroid injections, prescription pain relievers and surgery.

Over the counter and prescription pain relievers can often provide pain relief and sometimes complete amelioration of mild shoulder problems but many of these medications have the potential to cause liver damage if used long term. Corticosteroid injections can lead to weakening of the tissues injected as well as osteoporosis and cataract formation if used over an extended periods. Surgical interventions can be very helpful for many patients who have significant shoulder damage but require a rigorous rehabilitation regimen.

Acupuncture offers pain relief by promoting the body’s natural pain and anti-inflammatory chemicals to promote healing. Acupuncture relieves shoulder pain by releasing blocked fluids in the tissues surrounding the joint. Acupuncture, poses few risks to patients and is recognized by the National Institutes of Health for maintaining an excellent safety record.

Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture has been shown to be more effective in relieving shoulder pain than traditional orthopedic methods. A recent study demonstrated that twice as many patients experienced relief when treated with acupuncture when compared to an orthopedic treatment group. This effect lasted through the three-month follow-up period.

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