Fitness Testimonials

Vintage Fitness strives to help individuals of all ages improve thier strength, flexibility, and joint movement through our specialized physical therapy classes. Listed below is a few of our previous/current clients’ comments about Vintage Fitness.

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“I first worked with John Ramirez about 8 years ago when I was having osteoarthritis issues in my knee.  Through a careful program of training, I was able to strengthen the muscles around the knee and postpone replacement surgery for almost 3 years.  The pre-surgery program made the rehab so much easier.  My overall health and strength improved with John’s help as well.  I recently started training with John again, and I can already see an improvement in my strength and posture.  John provides individual programs, has a special interest in “more mature” individuals and their needs, and is very low key and patient.  His knowledge of physiology and nutrition, as well as physical training, makes his program a huge benefit for his clients.”

Peggy O’Neill – 74 year old female


John Ramirez has been a huge addition to my daily healthy lifestyle.  I have grown so much physically since I started training with him.  I know absolutely nothing about weight training before I started working with him.  I know with his training, I can attain any personal health goals I set for myself.  He is an excellent trainer and teacher!”

John B. – 52 year old male

“I am in a group setting where John checks our blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, and counsels us on aches and pains three times a week.  He teaches us how to properly stand, breathe, walk, and how to exercise the targeted muscles in each session.  He does this to help us avoid injury, especially in the knees.  He has taught us exercises for opening up the hips, which result in increased walking ability.  He is well worth the time and money spent.”

Maryle – 84 year old woman

“As I get older, it is harder to come up from a bending down position, a little better now (probably from all the squats John makes us do).  I am less stiff upon awakening in the mornings.  John is a very caring person.  If we cannot do an exercise due to injury or surgery, he does not excuse us, but shows us a different way to do it.  We love you John.  Thanks for what you’ve done for us.”

Clara L.

“First I have to tell you I was seeing a chiropractor once a month for my lower back and aches and pain here and there. The first day I attended my right knee felt very tight and I was afraid the exercises would make it feel worse. We began the exercises and I forgot about my knee. On my way home I noticed my knee was not bothering me. I also started noticing I was jumping out of bed in the mornings without my legs hurting. I had an appointment with my doctor today and she asked if I was still going to the exercise classes and I said yes. She is very happy for me and she told me I have lost three pounds and to keep up the good work! These exercises have helped me improve my daily living and my health in a big way. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with the group. I am very happy I joined.”

Priscilla R.


“I started seeing John Ramirez for my knees. I had had cortisone shots but the last one had no benefit. My niece referred me to John because he had helped her with her knees. Before I started going to John, I found it painful to get out of the car, to get out of a chair after sitting for a while and start walking, and grocery shopping was one painful step after another. Since working out with John twice a week, I am able to move with less discomfort and more flexibility. I enjoy the physical therapy sessions because each one is different and each one challenges me physically to improve my strength.”

Miriam H. – 61 year old female


“My name is Rokeya Begum. I am 55 years old. Before joining John’s class, I haven’t been to any fitness club or class. After doing a couple of classes, I am feeling better. I feel like my bone joints are getting stronger and I can walk for a while without hurting. After the class i feel energetic. I can do some work around the house without getting tired. I have never felt this energy before. Each week, I do look forward to attend his class.”

Rokeya B.


“I’ve noticed my flexibility and walking has gotten a lot better, thanks to coach John’s class. Thank you! My legs are getting stronger and are toning up.”

Martha – 63 year old female


“John has been our trainer for most of the fifteen years we have known him. He plans our exercises to our special needs. He uses our appointment time very well. We always feel better after our exercise session. We highly recommend his services.”

Betty & Boyd P. – 82 years old


“My experience with John has been very helpful and pleasant. I have less pain in my back and am able to walk with more stability, and I’m not falling down anymore like I was before. I have also learned how to prepare more nutritious meals. My time with him has changed my way of living because I am interacting and socializing more with a lot of great people. John takes the time to work with every one of his students with great concern and has made a big difference in all of our lives. I appreciate him very much.”

Marie G.


“Mr. Ramirez is a very warm and caring individual.He observes our functions, while he instructs and corrects us when needed. He comes before us and arranges the area for us. He is there to hear our health related complaints and give good advice. He checks our blood pressure and informs us about the importance of fluids and a well balanced diet. The exercise keeps us more able mentally, physically, and spiritually. He encourages us to do it at least twice a week. He constantly reminds to maintain a good posture while sitting and good deep breathing while exercising. Vintage Fitness helps my joints function better.”

Julia A.


“It’s easier when I’m at the grocery store going down to the bottom shelf and getting back up. It’s also easier at home when I bend down to pick up an item that’s in a bottom cabinet and get back up. It has helped with my balance when putting my pants on. It helps lower my blood pressure after I exercise.”

Jacqueline M.

“Attending the Vintage Fitness Class has helped me to lower my blood pressure.  The cardio exercises are a beneficial part of an exercise program and John is a great motivator for seniors.”